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Dart v6.0 Update: Goodbye Project Management. Hello Project Execution.

Zack Swafford
October 19, 2023
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Dart will now level up your workflow by actually doing some of your work for you.

Dart AI will do your writing tasks

Tag @Dart AI in a task or assign it instead of assigning a teammate. Dart AI will take a stab at the task for you if it is possible! Either way, Dart AI will comment to let you know what's going on.Don't get stuck with writer's block or a blank page. Don't do menial writing tasks when you could be changing and improving your business.Try it out

Additional headlines

  1. Serious performance improvements throughout the app
  2. AI for filters!
  3. AI streaming
  4. Ongoing mobile improvements
  5. Python library and CLI improvements

Other improvements and bugfixes

  1. Edit multiple tasks at once through the context menu when multiple are selected
  2. Improved hover effect for tasks in calendar
  3. Tooltips on back and forward buttons in calendar
  4. Improved layout shortcuts
  5. Added tooltip text to layout options
  6. Add keyboard shortcuts and command center entries for new layouts
  7. Stabilized AI filter button size
  8. Added another question to the signup page
  9. Fixed issues with description link updates that could cause errors and frequent adding/removing of links
  10. Added toggle for email integration
  11. Reset search after each search
  12. Increased doc title gap
  13. Updated markdown shortcuts in general
  14. Enabled replicating attachments
  15. Fixed issue with layout subtask mode missing
  16. Fixed problem where API was temporarily down
  17. Fixed some notifications temporarily not working
  18. Fixed issue where title could lose focus when you first start editing it
  19. Fixed removing tags was broken through some workflows
  20. Fixed problem with filters not live syncing
  21. Fixed issue with the last letter of a title or other text being lost
  22. Fixed search would stay searching after switching away
  23. Fixed description checkboxes not working
  24. Fixed task absentees missing
  25. Fixed some issues with AI filters
  26. Fixed context menu submenu closing inappropriately
  27. Fixed task dragging
  28. Fixed AI to do tasks broken in TCM
  29. Fixed opening task detail and making a task from the TCM messed up the task detail’s header
  30. Fixed property recommendations broken
  31. Fixed problem with creating subtasks in task detail
  32. Fixed issue where discarding a draft with an existing task as a subtask would delete the existing task along with the draft