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Frequently asked Questions
Still not sure? Let us explain couple of things.
Does Dart work with ChatGPT?

Yes! You can create, update, and view tasks from chatgpt on the fly. You can even use ChatGPT to dictate voice commands to Dart.

Is Dart free to use?

Yes, Dart is free to use indefinitely with up to four people on your team. There are options to upgrade to add more team members or access premium features.

What use cases is Dart’s project management software good for?

The unique capabilities of Dart are a great fit for a variety of use cases and multifaceted teams. Our users come from a diverse array of backgrounds, from C-level leaders of technology companies and startups to people in roles for design, sales and marketing, engineering, etc.

How does Dart use AI for project management?

There are a variety of ways in which Dart improves your project management with AI. It helps with planning tasks based on high level requirements, creating and filling out tasks and subtasks with all their properties, and Dart AI can even do some simple tasks for you!

Is Dart good for team project management or individual use?

Dart is great for both individual and team use cases. Solo users can keep a handy to-do list with various AI enhancements. Teams can enjoy a fully-featured project management platform developed by and for growing companies.