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Dart v5.3 Update: ChatGPT meets Dart

Zack Swafford
June 5, 2023
minute read

This month we brought a host of updates and improvements to Dart's functionality.

Now you can easily access Dart's project management capabilities through our plugin with ChatGPT.  You can view, edit, and even create tasks using natural language. Simply tell ChatGPT things like "Record a todo to build a landing page" or "Can you show my tasks in a table?" To check out the capabilities, setup process, and documentation head on over here.

Other Improvements

  • Turn on the Discord Integration to receive notifications about Dart in Discord
  • Use our new Email integration to forward or send emails to Dart to make new tasks
  • Enable webhooks to get push updates from Dart about changes to your tasks
  • Save different views and layouts of your project for yourself, or share with your team
  • Notifications have been improved. Now email updates will arrive in a digest every minute so you don’t get too many updates at once
  • Links have been improved to now auto-pull link info from the description
  • The GitHub integration has been improved as well. Links to branches and PRs now show up in tasks
  • Descriptions have been improved. Now you can tag users with @ and the / command has been enhanced
  • Links and attachments can be dragged to rearrange them
  • Various tutorial improvements implemented from improved copy to added highlighting on action steps
  • Now there's a delete subtasks option in subtask lists
  • Copying tasks with U copies as rich text
  • Notifications are no longer sent for finished tasks
  • Tutorial tasks are made when people join rather than are invited
  • Links are enabled in the task creation modal
  • CLI and API are now accessible in-app
  • Added spreadsheet import option
  • Set name and workspace name better
  • Improved padding around different drag areas


  • Fixed issue where notifications were below overlays
  • Fixed board view first task in column not focusing for title changes
  • Fixed modifying relationships in RB in search
  • Fixed a bug with image upload
  • Fixed bug where link section was hidden in the rightbar
  • Fixed various import issues
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect to native app popup not on top when settings active for example
  • The feedback modal now resets after each submission
  • Broken GitHub links caused trouble
  • Google accounts without a name had trouble signing up
  • Improved appearance of some chips on tasks in kanban view
  • Fixed Slack bugs with task creation and also fixed the error when a slack wasn't found
  • Made sure trash is excluded by default from Search and the My tasks view