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GitHub and Dart

Seamlessly integrate Github and Dart to update task properties in real-time
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GitHub and Dart overview

Engineering teams integrate Dart with GitHub to enable convenient automated linking between Dart tasks and GitHub PRs and branches. The integration can be used to set up custom rules and configurations for how Dart tasks behave when their linked Github issues are updated, merged, or deployed.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a platform that enables developers to collaborate on software development. It uses Git software to provide distributed version control for software projects. In addition to version control GitHub also provides repositories to store files, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), various security tools, and social and community-building features. GitHub is used widely by individual developers, open-source communities, and even enterprises to build and manage their software projects. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in 2018 where it is currently a subsidiary.

Dart GitHub integration setup

To set up the integration first go the GitHub integration page in settings and click the button to link Dart and Github. Follow through all the setup instructions and permissions. This integration works based on Dart task IDs in branch names. You can get the appropriate branch name for any task by clicking the branch icon in that task's header.

After enabling the integration, choose on the first toggle whether you want to enable link comments which will automatically comment on pull requests with a link to the corresponding task. Then choose on the second toggle whether to automatically assign unassigned tasks to whoever copies the branch link. Finally, below the toggles configure which events in GitHub will cause updates and what status they correspond to.

Frequently asked Questions
Still not sure? Let us explain couple of things.
How can Dart AI do my tasks for me?

To let Dart work on your tasks for you, simply create a task and then assign it to your Dart AI teammate. Dart AI is proficient with writing and design tasks and we are quickly adding more capabilities.

How is Dart different from other project management software tools?

The main difference is that Dart is built seamlessly with automation and AI in mind to help you plan and accomplish your projects quicker. We reduce the manual overhead inherent in most PM tools so that you can focus on what matters.

How can I upgrade my Dart workspace?

You can upgrade to access additional AI features and other improvements by simply going to Settings and then navigating to Plans and billing. Then just click upgrade to take full advantage of Dart’s capabilities.

How does Dart use AI for project management?

There are a variety of ways in which Dart improves your project management with AI. It helps with planning tasks based on high level requirements, creating and filling out tasks and subtasks with all their properties, and Dart AI can even do some simple tasks for you!

Is Dart good for team project management or individual use?

Dart is great for both individual and team use cases. Solo users can keep a handy to-do list with various AI enhancements. Teams can enjoy a fully-featured project management platform developed by and for growing companies.