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Dart v6.2 Update: Eliminate duplicate tasks and messy backlogs forever

Zack Swafford
January 22, 2024
minute read

This is Dart's biggest update ever. The craziest new thing that Dart can do is automatically detect potentially repetitive tasks and triage them for you. This can keep your plate clear of clutter while ensuring that the important, unique work takes priority.

Take a look at how it works!

Or, use Dart AI to plan your projects automatically

​Dart AI is always improving in order to streamline your project management process, and now that extends to even planning your projects. It will take your input about what you want it to plan, and then take over and deliver a full project plan, including task estimates, timing, and assignments!

Don't waste time estimating, assigning, and organizing tasks when that can all be automated now. Let Dart AI take the first stab at it.

Check out the other improvements!

​This is the biggest update ever from Dart.

There are 11 new big features for you to check out and more than 70 bugfixes and smaller improvements in the full changelog.

The executive summary includes

  1. Other Dart AI improvements and features
  2. We added user roles (e.g. admin, guest)
  3. App performance is improved
  4. The roadmap is much more capable and reliable
  5. Mobile apps are much better
  6. The API is fully featured now
  7. and so much more...

More updates coming soon! Check out these and all of the other new features directly in Dart.