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Dart v6.3 Update: AI to Manage Your Projects for You

Milad Malek
February 6, 2024
minute read

Happy February!

It's only been a few short weeks since our last update, but Dart has improved so much that we have to talk about it now.

In particular, you can use Dart to generate a project plan with AI. Just put your work in and out pops a feasible timeline to get it done!

Take a look at this demo:

Also, Dart’s custom GPT is out!

  • ChatGPT+ users can now chat directly with Dart to manage tasks, docs, and much more
  • Check it out here
  • In addition, we shipped a variety of improvements to the GPT and the ChatGPT plugin
  • Work with any dartboard in any space
  • Add, manage, and update your docs with ChatGPT as well

Or, use forms to collect user feedback

  • For anyone that needs to collect information from their team, their users, or themselves in a structured format
  • Visit the forms hub to get started
  • Simplify data entry
  • Share forms with internal or external users to collect data better

There are other new features, bugfixes, and smaller improvements documented in the full changelog--or just take a peek directly!