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Dart v6.1: AI Agents for Design

Milad Malek
November 2, 2023
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Dart can now prioritize and organize your projects for you on a beautiful timeline. From our timeline, we completed one of our projects: to set up Dart AI to do even more of your work for you!

Save your designer time by assigning @Dart AI instead

For image creation tasks, Dart AI can take a first pass so you and your team don't have to! Just assign Dart AI to an image-related task anywhere you would usually go to assign someone.

Just one of the many ways that Dart and Dart AI can save you time--give it a look!

Other important improvements

We made a lot of changes this month, but some of the biggest and best include

Lots more ways to get Dart AI’s input on your tasks

  1. Lots more places and ways to give feedback on AI suggestions too!
  2. Now if you ask for an assignee recommendation and Dart AI can handle the task, it will take it directly
  3. Fixed occasional errors when accepting AI suggestions
  4. Improved property recommendations in the task view

Schedule recurring tasks easily

  1. Anywhere you would edit a date, look for the ‘Set repetition’ button
  2. New tasks will automatically come in at whatever cadence you choose!

Schedule start dates on tasks and projects

  1. Dart can now conveniently schedule the entire duration of your project
  2. Open property settings and find ‘Due date’, then enable start dates!
  3. Or, just use the roadmap

Improved task detail designs

  1. Collapse sections to simplify your view!
  2. Properties are laid out in larger form with more detail
  3. Relationships are much easier to see and work with, including more details and more options
  4. Doc previews—when you link docs to tasks and vice versa, a doc preview will appear in the task

Docs improvements

  1. Drag docs between folders
  2. Link tasks to docs easily
  3. Copy link option in detail menus
  4. Better margin and scrolling in titles, docs, and folders
  5. When you're on a doc and you delete it, you should go back to the folder rather than to active
  6. All docs load right after you add someone to a folder
  7. Replicating a task or doc also replicates its relationships
  8. Click title in header to edit
  9. New tutorial docs

Board view group by any property

  1. An oft-requested feature!
  2. Open the layout picker in the top right and choose ‘Board’, then choose ‘Group by’ and pick a different property
  3. Great for load-balancing between teammates or seeing tasks grouped by tags, for example!

Link and URL improvements

  1. When you copy any Dart link, it is better formatted
  2. When you click it, it’s more likely to get you right where you want to go!

Check out more details in the changelog if you're interested!