Dart posted on Hacker News and is live on Launch YC today only—check it out!

Dart v6.4: Brainstorm with AI

Zack Swafford
March 12, 2024
minute read

If you've ever found yourself at a loss when trying to figure out the next steps to take in a project, this email is for you.

Dart's new AI brainstorming feature can help you overcome writer's block and plan the most important tasks to accomplish your project goals.

Check out this quick demo to see what it's all about.

Dart in the press

The application made it (briefly) to the top of Hacker News and was also highlighted in Y Combinator's launch platform. If you participated in our launches, thanks!

Dart has also been featured in some awesome newsletters like The Rundown. If you're coming to us from there, welcome.

Also, an Inbox!

Back to the product: Dart's new in-app inbox will accumulate and centralize all of the information you need to coordinate your work as you go. No more checking across various platforms looking for updates and trying to track down the latest--you can centralize everything in Dart. Access the new inbox with the button in the top left.

The notification information is available at a glance in the desktop app with badges, and a number of the individual notifications are better and more informative!

Other app improvements

  • In-app search with /Ctrl+F (just as you would expect from the web)
  • The right panel is way more usable! Click a task or press Space to open it up and see the improved look and feel
  • The roadmap has seen a lot of use, so we’re constantly improving it! Check it all out by clicking the layout picker in the top right and choosing ‘Roadmap’ or by typing V then R
  • Lots of AI planning improvements--if you're a premium users, check it out in ‘Project AI’ menu → ‘Plan this project’
  • We made a number of tweaks to NLP, which is primarily accessed by typing / when you are making tasks
  • Last month we launched forms and are quickly improving it
  • Automatic reports generated by AI for standup updates and changelog generation are even better (it helped us generate this doc, for instance)
  • Dart has a fresh coat of paint with a new brand, mark, colors, and more!

And so much more! The changelog this month includes a total of 116 new features, improvements, and bugfixes--check it out!