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Dart v6.5: Zapier Integration And New Custom Properties

Zack Swafford
April 5, 2024
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The big news of the day is that Dart now works with Zapier!

You can deploy the latest AI and automation with Dart + Zapier to automate more of your mundane work and save you more time each day.

Demo below 👇

integrating Dart with sheets through Zapier

If that's not enough...

There are a number of other significant improvements this month, but some of the most interesting have to do with custom properties.In addition to the existing properties like statuses, dates, assignees, etc. Dart now has text, number and checkbox properties. This supercharges Dart for custom use cases and workflows and also makes forms much more interesting. Set up new and old properties here! Also, you have a lot more control over which properties are shown when and where through the layout button in the top right of any view. Check it out

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Other improvements

  • Drag tasks left and right to make them into subtasks!
  • Task detail (re)design improves the task hierarchy and layout significantly
  • Onboarding improvements
  • The search experience is faster, better, and uses more helpful AI
  • Significant improvements to accessibility
  • ...and dozens of smaller improvements--for more info, see the changelog