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Dart v6.7: Public Views and Templates

Zack Swafford
June 6, 2024
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At Dart, we're always shipping tons of cool features based on what users like you need. Most of the time, that's using the latest AI, and this month was no exception. We've improved all sorts of AI interactions and have upgraded to use GPT 4o across the board.

In addition, Dart can now solve some problems that you may have that are only too common in project management. Keeping stakeholders, including customers, aligned is one of the biggest challenges in the space. Dart's new public views and templates make that one step easier!

Setting up a custom view in Dart

Unpacking the video

Check out how easy it is to share a Dart view publicly. Never worry again about printing or exporting your roadmap to share with stakeholders--just send them the Dart link instead!

If you look carefully at the video you will also notice another big roadmap improvement: coloring! Just click the button in the top right of any roadmap to beautify it today. Check it out!

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Some other cool updates

  • The mobile app experience has improved signifcantly
  • The fullscreen view is totally redesigned and looks awesome--press O to check it out
  • Sorts and filters are available on any layout in the same format
  • We made lots of improvements to commenting
  • Subtask completion progress tracking
  • There are new new calendar views
  • We overhauled the Slack integration and added a bunch of AI to it

Check out these, other big improvements, and some of the smaller stuff we've been working on in the full changelog.