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Dart V6.6: AI Overhaul

Zack Swafford
May 8, 2024
minute read

If you've needed more powerful AI for project management, Dart's latest updates are probably just what you're looking for.

There are too many improvements to list in this short email, but suffice it to say that every single feature utilizing Dart AI has improved in the past week or two. It is faster, easier to use, more accurate, and more attuned to your team's data and needs.

Some of the highlights are that the Dart GPT has way more capabilities than it did before; subtask recommendations are more useful and context-aware; and brainstorming and planning are much more reliable and interesting.

Another example is with improved filtering and search:

Dart's AI search feature

In this video

Notice how our quick search of 'for me backend' is automatically translated by AI into a nice search of the form 'Assignee is Current user and Tags include Backend'. Now you don't need to waste time learning the exact filter and querying format--just let AI do your searching for you based on whatever you happen to type.You might also notice in this video an awesome new search experience! Enjoy a faster, more beautiful, and more powerful search and save time with quick links to your recent searches and tasks. Check it out

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The list of recent upgrades goes on:

  • Group tasks by properties in the list
  • Add toggle sections to your text
  • Resize your right task detail and your left nav
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Create subtasks or tasks from text
  • Better URLs
  • If you haven't signed up yet, you'll have a nicer onboarding experience with better tutorials and a free trial!
  • ...and about a hundred other improvements in the changelog!