Project and task management, reimagined

Dart is a straightforward way to organize the tasks, sprints, and projects that your business needs to get done. It's fast, fun, and free to get started.
Dart powers the hottest teams

Accelerate your work to Dart-speed

Dart is built for speed and efficiency so that it stays out of your way for longer. Dart augments your process so that you can build as quickly as you know you can.

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Run your process, your way

From teams of one to teams of hundreds, Dart meets you where you are and supports your process where it stands. The only task manager that starts simple and builds to scale as you do.

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Discover your own superpowers

With fully configurable keyboard shortcuts and your own personal command center, you can move with super-speed if you like. Dart meets you where you are and helps you accelerate from there.

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