Project management on autopilot

Automate project management so your team can get back to work

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Built for your entire team

Easily attach designs to tasks and assign them to relevant team members.  Comment directly in Dart to streamline communication.


Dart is built for engineers to track issues and build their best work, with a world-class GitHub integration, cycle management, and standard keyboard commands.

GitHub and GitLab feeding info into Dart

Track basic relationships and full customer journeys with our pipeline view. Boost your revenue by staying on top of targets.


Configure your workspace to meet your team's needs. Plan tasks and milestones to maintain clear insight into timelines, goals, and speed.

The status editor in Dart
Cycle Management

Accelerate your cycle management

Plan tasks and automatically roll over sprint cycles with complete flexibility.

Effortlessly plan work and timelines

Run automated cycles

Track team progress against deadlines

The Dart command center
Command center and shortcuts

Optimize your workflow to save time

Fly through your tasks with intuitive keyboard controls. Any action can be accessed and completed in seconds with Dart’s command center.

Open your command center with  ⌘/Ctrl + K

Learn new shortcuts with helpful tooltips

Keyboard shortcuts for everything

Team and personal Lists

Organize your teams and projects

Build projects for specific teams, or even for your own personal to-do lists.

Create dartboards for your teams

Set up your own personal spaces

Share tasks with specific groups as needed


Built for teams that get stuff done

Collaborate in real time

Sync tasks and updates with your team and across multiple devices in real-time.

Work with all teammates

Dart is optimized for teams across functions and roles, everyone can collaborate seamlessly in Dart.

Speed up with shortcuts

Fly through your tasks with extensive keyboard commands, and learn as you go with helpful tooltips.

Customize and configure

Personalize your workspaces and workflows with custom fields, statuses, and more.

Integrate everywhere

Never switch contexts again by using the Dart integrations for email, Notion, Slack, GitHub, and more.

Enjoy beautiful themes

Shift seamlessly between light mode and dark mode.