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Project management powered by AI

Dart makes teams 182% faster and more productive at basic project management tasks

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Use AI to Escape the daily grind

Use Dart's GPT-4 powered tech to avoid the standard overhead of project management.

Fill out descriptions or short PRDs

Automatically categorize, assign, size, prioritize, and schedule your tasks

Detect duplicate tasks before you create them

Dart AI subtasks
Dart's command center

Automate your workflow to save time

Create tasks using natural language and fly through them with intuitive keyboard controls and Dart's hyper-efficient command center.

View, edit, and create tasks through our plugin with ChatGPT

Create tasks while automatically filling details with NLP

Utilize keyboard shortcuts for everything

Improve your planning efficiency

Use Dart to plan tasks, subtasks, and projects--then automatically roll over sprint cycles with complete flexibility.

Effortlessly plan work and timelines

Use AI to break up larger tasks into subtasks

Run automated cycles


Unlock New Superpowers

Skip the 'work about work'

Automate away mundane responsibilities by teaching Dart your team's specific patterns and workflows.

Brainstorm what's next

Don't get left behind--utilize the power of ChatGPT and the latest AI models to race forward when you're stumped or blocked.

Speed up with shortcuts

Fly through your tasks with extensive keyboard commands, and learn as you go with helpful tooltips.

Customize and configure

Personalize your workspace and workflows with custom fields, statuses, colors, tags, and more. Then let dart fill these details in for you as you go.

Collaborate with all teammates

Streamline your communication with a tool that is specifically optimized for teams across functions and roles.

Integrate everywhere

Never switch contexts again by using the Dart integrations for ChatGPT, email, Slack, GitHub, and more.

AI-Driven Project Management

Automatically fill out task properties and generate subtasks on demand during task creation. Simply keep what you like and discard the rest.

generating subtasks

Level up your  workflow with Dart's integrated documents feature. Use AI to help simplify, expand, translate, or even extract action items from your docs.

doc with AI to extract action items

Use NLP to define task fields on the go. Type anything you need like due dates, assignees, and statuses in natural language and let Dart handle the rest.

NLP filling out a task

Let Dart take the first stab at simple tasks. Simply assign a task to Dart AI to let it work on writing, coding, or even design projects.

design photos in dart