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Dart v5.4 Update: Create subtasks with ChatGPT + Dart

Milad Malek
July 5, 2023
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This month we're bringing a host of improvements to Dart and our plugin with ChatGPT. Read on to learn more.

chatgpt subtask creation with Dart

ChatGPT plugin updates

Now you can create parent tasks and subtasks within ChatGPT (see the example above). In addition, you can now update dartboards with any language, and edit all other task properties more easily.To set up and start trying out the plugin, head on over here. Or, if you want to learn more about how to make your own ChatGPT plugin, read about what we learned making ours in our new blog series.

Other improvements

  • Login with Google enabled on mobile devices
  • Improved recommendations from Dart's AI features
  • Improved copy with tutorials and tooltips
  • Dragging tasks is much easier and more reliable than before
  • Can now drag tasks and subtasks
  • Dragging multiple tasks doesn't change their order any more
  • Notifications are now sent as summaries rather than individual emails for every update
  • Discord integration improvements to message content and handling rate limits
  • Various email integration improvements
  • Add a dartboard to an email thread to make a task from it
  • You can now send, forward, CC, or BCC Dart on any email
  • Filters are easier to use and more flexible, less likely to close accidentally
  • You can now paste files into descriptions to add them as attachments
  • Added a variety of size-based summation summary statistics 
  • Access the statistics by clicking the number next to the title of the page
  • Made the button to open tasks more obvious
  • Double-click on task title now opens it
  • Pressing Enter in dropdowns selects the top item
  • Enabled rich text in feedback
  • Added icons for unsorting
  • Improved chip appearance in task creation modal
  • Improved sort order for assignees
  • New subtasks are always created at the top of the list
  • Statuses are no longer copied when replicating a task or creating a subtask
  • Use the shortcut /Ctrl+L or the Command center to add a link to a task


  • Fixed issues with Download/Export failing
  • Fixed problem with ChatGPT integration giving error message
  • Fixed issue where Slack would sometimes not send notifications
  • Fixed Slack bug where disabling the integration would sometimes fail
  • Fixed issue where all emoji disappeared after certain recommendations
  • Setting a parent in the task creation modal no longer makes the draft disappear later
  • Draft tasks no longer count as subtasks for any purpose
  • Fixed issue where user images would sometimes flicker or disappear
  • When you delete a dartboard existing deleted tasks from that dartboard are now correctly reallocated
  • Replicating a parent now makes the parent independent of the old subtasks
  • Fixed temporary issue setting due dates
  • Due dates will always update in the cell when you set them
  • Improved reliability of webhooks
  • Shortcut for move task to top/bottom was mislabeled in the Shortcuts menu
  • Emails are no longer sent to deactivated users
  • Fixed bug where simply opening a task would sometimes auto-subscribe you to that task
  • Fixed issue where dragging images or links could reorder them in unexpected ways
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip for view creation