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Introducing Dart: A New Era for Productivity

Milad Malek
February 20, 2024
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Revolutionary AI-Powered Project Management Tool Elevates Efficiency and Transforms Team Collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO, CAFebruary 20, 2024 — Dart (https://itsdart.com), the Y Combinator-backed startup that’s bringing artificial intelligence to project management, has publicly released the most intelligent project management tool on the market. Dart's groundbreaking AI-powered tool goes beyond helping with basic task management by saving teams on average seven hours a week from routine project management overhead.

A Vision for Smarter Project Management

Dart achieves this by automatically filling in task properties, breaking large tasks into subtasks, planning out roadmaps, generating reports, and even functioning as another team member to complete tasks on behalf of users. As more work is done using Dart AI, it learns common patterns and practices from the team and improves its recommendations and insights, saving even more time.

"Dart represents our vision of a smarter project management tool, leveraging a neatly integrated use of generative AI," said Milad Malek, Co-Founder at Dart. "It's the culmination of years of planning and insights from professionals across a wide array of industries and locations. We're very excited to launch what we've built and get even more feedback from the community to improve upon."

The Path to Pioneering Productivity

Dart was founded in 2022 when it participated in Y Combinator, the premier accelerator for tech startups. It started by serving other startups in the YC batch with basic task tracking. Over the next couple years it continued to assist in more functions from roadmap planning to (now AI-assisted) document editing. Eventually Dart expanded its capabilities into automation using generative AI models like GPT-4. It's now used by everything from fast-growing startups to SMEs, law firms, and even business consultancies.

One major software development company recently used Dart to replace their regular standup updates with automatically generated reports. Then, Dart's AI was able to go even further and create changelog updates for the team based on work they accomplished. They are now using these updates for their blog to inform their customers of product updates and company progress.

Other firms are leveraging Dart AI as a teammate that can quickly design images and draft emails and other common posts. This feature makes Dart the first task management tool that can actually do some of the tasks for you.

"I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of Dart's task management tool on our organization,” said Chris Howe, CEO of Limitless Connect. “Its integration of generative AI has been a game-changer, significantly boosting my team's productivity by streamlining administrative tasks. I highly recommend it to any organization seeking to minimize administrative overhead while maintaining detailed task tracking."

Dart is now available completely free of charge. Thousands of teams have made the switch, embracing Dart for their project management needs. They're all seeking the same thing: enhanced efficiency

About Dart

Founded in 2022, Dart is the ultimate AI project management tool. For more information, visit itsdart.com.