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Dart v5.6 Update: Create Docs in Dart!

Milad Malek
September 4, 2023
minute read

To help you accomplish more of your work faster we've introduced a number of new features and AI capabilities to Dart!

Create Docs in Dart

Now you can make and store documents in Dart, and use AI abilities like 'continue writing' and 'extract action items' to help you with your drafts. This feature, along with our new calendar view, will help teams to keep the full project management journey in Dart.

On the AI front, you can now easily translate text into many different languages through Dart's task descriptions and documents! In addition we've revamped the use of NLP for task creation. Simply typing phrases like "next week" or an assignee's name will fill in those task properties as you go. Try typing /in any text box to see more options!

Other improvements

  • Introduction of Spaces for task organization
  • Click '+' next to 'SPACES' to get started
  • New Calendar layout
  • Click the layout switcher in the top right or hit V to check it out
  • Various mobile improvements
  • Simplified various layouts and increased size of relevant features on mobile
  • Added global action button at bottom right of mobile device
  • Click to open tasks, long click to open options on mobile
  • Can now filter by dates, relationships, comments, attachments, etc.
  • Click the 'Filter' button in the top right to get started
  • Overhauled description by making editing easier with just selection
  • Access emoji typeahead with ':'
  • Added improved empty states for situations with no tasks visible (like empty Dartboards)
  • New task context menu with many new options
  • Rick click, Ctrl + click, or two finger flick any task to bring up the new menu
  • Task previews on hover whenever linked (such as with relationships)
  • Improvements to signup and onboarding
  • Use AI for subtasks with / Alt + S
  • Use AI for properties with / Alt + P
  • Enable drag to make subtasks in board view
  • Maintain filters in cycles after cycle rollovers
  • Set existing subtask from the task creation modal
  • Generate subtask recommendations from opened task view (button near top left of an open task)
  • Add more options to ChatGPT integrations such as size
  • And much, much more--see the full changelog for details!


  • Fixed issue where AI recommendations could use stale data from up to three seconds ago, leading to worse recommendations
  • Fixed issue where tooltips could appear below the feedback modal
  • Fixed bug with ChatGPT integration when there are multiple dartboards or statuses with the same or similar names
  • Fixed occasional problems saving a group of tasks
  • Fixed the bug with the GitHub integration configuration not working properly
  • Shift + Enter in comments wasn't working correctly
  • Fixed bug with using natural language with empty tags, dartboards, or statuses
  • Dragging tasks into collapsed columns could lead to display issues
  • Fixed Enter in the subtask grid not working
  • Slack integration would sometimes not expand user data in messages
  • Fixed issues with pasting, selection, and normal text keyboard shortcuts in the subtasks list
  • And much, much more. See the full changelog linked above for details!