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Dart v5.5 Update: Board View Overhaul

Zack Swafford
August 1, 2023
minute read

Thanks to your feedback and support we've doubled down on the user experience over this past month. Here's the latest in case you missed it.

Major board view overhaul

The board view is a staple of many project management workflows, and now we're improving its capabilities in Dart. Aside from general design improvements, you can now use the full capabilities of Dart's keyboard shortcuts to select, move, and edit tasks in the board view. You're also now able to easily click and drag tasks between dartboards and even collapse the columns you want to de-emphasize. To get started, open Dart and hit V to switch views.

Other improvements

  • AI recommendation speed improvements
  • Subtasks now stream in live as they generate
  • Field recommendations come directly from the button
  • Now you can create reply threads in comments
  • Comments also now support full markdown
  • Various other commenting improvements like reaction grouping, mentions, improved notifications, etc.
  • Can now create task templates using replication
  • Replication of a parent task also replicates subtasks
  • Various filtering improvements
  • Swap option to allow for switching between filters
  • Design improvements
  • Enabled inviting users to join your workspace even if they already have an account
  • Subtasks and parent tasks will appear at more logical places and times
  • Parent tasks that exist only for context (but really reside elsewhere) are de-emphasized
  • Can select, drag, and use shortcuts on subtasks
  • Shortcuts for subtasks
  • Use Enter to make more subtasks
  • Use Tab and Shift+ Tab to convert tasks to and from subtasks
  • Added link expansion for our Slack, Notion, and Github integrations
  • Pasting in a list of tasks will split the tasks/subtasks up and order them appropriately
  • Parent task icon opens the parent task
  • Selected task color improvements
  • List scrolling more performant
  • Button to toggle showing passwords wherever they appear
  • Initial workspace creation sped up


  • Subtasks more reliably copy parent fields on creation when that option is enabled
  • Adding, removing, and changing subtasks happens more immediately in the main view
  • Fixed moving tasks between dartboards with Alt/+D 
  • Fixed create new subtask shortcut L
  • Task delete works if the task has a parent
  • Dragging tasks out of trash restores the task
  • Fixed a bug where new tasks drafts could create multiple copies
  • Fixed issues with moving tasks up and down with Alt/+/
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes in descriptions not working
  • Fixed creating new custom statuses while in board view
  • Fixed bug where draft subtasks could appear before the draft was finished
  • Fixed a problem with adding new users to your workspace
  • Fixed an issue with AI emoji recommendations
  • Fixed errors with popups and dropdowns that could freeze the page