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Sprint Planning Template

Use this checklist to prepare for your next sprint and hit the ground running

About the sprint planning template

Conducting sprints is a cornerstone for most modern growth-oriented businesses. The idea is to set a goal, create a detailed plan, and move as a team to accomplishing what you've set your minds to. Then after each sprint you can analyze what went well and what went wrong, and take those lessons into the next one. Most sprints are typically run a one or two week long cycle and are commonly used within the agile methodology for project development.

Sprint planning template content

This template provides the following checklist with an associate sprint planning tag:

  1. Prioritize tasks and subtasks
  2. Complete previous sprint and roll incomplete tasks over
  3. Archive completed tasks
  4. Update tickets as needed
  5. Determine team workload and availability
  6. Determine the primary goal for upcoming sprint
  7. Brainstorm and create projects for team
  8. Break projects up into tasks
  9. Break up tasks into subtasks
  10. Size tasks and subtasks
  11. Assign tasks and subtasks
  12. Check for dependencies and blockers
  13. Check if anything else should be pulled in
  14. Ensure that chosen tasks align with sprint goal
  15. Start the new sprint

It can be altered for your unique sprint needs.