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AI for the Workplace Template

Utilize the best AI tools for workplace productivity

About the AI for the workplace template

This template is all about getting things done, but with a twist. Instead of manually accomplishing all of the little details, let's use modern AI tooling to take the lead on most tasks. Use this template to make sure you've optimized your processes for the best in AI utility.

AI for the workplace template content

This template provides a basis to revamp your workplace utilizing artificial intelligence. The process recommends starting with research on AI tools, AI books from our other template, and using AI to summarize relevant company documentation. Then it is recommended to Automate repetitive functions through a combination of ChatGPT, AI schedulers, and integrations between Dart and other tools. Work functions such as coding and writing docs. Meetings can be summarized with AI and AI can also plan agendas and invite people to events. Finally a set of project management functions can be handled by Dart AI to brainstorm, fill out task properties, plan projects, execute tasks, and generate final reports.