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AI Reading List Template

Catch up on the latest in AI

About the AI reading list template

The AI reading list is meant to jumpstart or continue your learning into the field of AI. Check out these timeless classics and highly recommended readings in the field in order to improve your understanding.

Simply dive into the template and mark books as complete as you check them off of your list. Happy reading!

AI reading list template content

The checklist includes the following books:

  • AI Superpowers - Kai-Fu Lee
  • Artificial Intelligence - Katharina A. Zweig
  • Computing Machinery and Intelligence - Alan Turing
  • Evolutionary Intelligence - W. Russell Neuman
  • Franchise - Isaac Asimov
  • Human Compatible - Stuart Russell
  • I, Robot - Isaac Asimov
  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Max Tegmark
  • Machine Learning for Humans - Vishal Maini and Samer Sabri
  • Machines Like Us - Ronald J. Brachman and Hector J. Levesque
  • Natural Language Processing with Transformers - Lewis Tunstall
  • On Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins, Sandra Blakeslee
  • Person, Thing, Robot - David J. Gunkel
  • Plato and the Nerd - Edward Ashford Lee
  • Robot Ethics - Mark Coeckelbergh
  • The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book - Andriy Burkov
  • The Master Algorithm - Pedro Domingos
  • The Singularity is Nearer - Ray Kurzweil
  • Theoretical Foundations of Artifical General Intelligence - Pei Wang, Ben Goertzel