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Hiring Template

The definitive hiring checklist for managers

About the Hiring template

There comes a time when every company must grow. Whether it's through increased demand, shifting priorities, or just plain expansion, hiring is an essential part of business. This template will make sure you and your hiring manager are on track to hire like a pro and get the best candidate possible.

Hiring template content

This template runs through the following series of steps, with additional details for priority and sizing for each individual task:

  1. Obtain approval to hire for needed role
  2. Determine budget and timeline to hire
  3. Determine hiring team
  4. Write a JD (job description)
  5. Set up a Discord for tracking applicants
  6. Post your job across Indeed, LinkedIn, and company website
  7. Promote job opening on social channels
  8. Review applicants and make shortlist for initial interviews
  9. Conduct initial phone interviews
  10. Decide on top candidates for an in-depth interview
  11. Compose and request interview project from top candidates
  12. Review candidate projects
  13. Hold in-depth candidate interviews
  14. Conduct reference checks
  15. Decide on final choice to hire
  16. Make a job offer and sign
  17. Notify other applicants the role is filled
  18. Iterate on job description and hiring process for future hires
  19. Prepare onboarding and collect paperwork
  20. Onboard employee
  21. Conduct one month review