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Dart Setup Template

How to set up Dart and make sure you're on track during the onboarding phase

About the Dart setup template

The Dart setup template includes helpful ideas and to-dos to set up your workspace and get going with AI-powered project management. It is a helpful template for any individual or team looking to make the most of a power toolset for tracking tasks and writing documents.

Dart setup template content

This template begins with team management tasks such as inviting all teammates on the Members page and assigning admin and guest rolls to team members. Then the personal profile should be managed by setting a name, email address, and password, choosing an input profile photo, choosing a Dart color for your user profile, choosing between Dark and light mode themes, and configuring notifications. Then general workspace settings can be configured. These include adding a workspace image, creating your first space, determining if it should use sprints and enabling if so, upgrading to the appropriate tier, and importing tasks from other tools. Integrations for Slack, Github, email, Discord, ChatGPT, and Zapier should then be enabled. Finally the template encourages you to share feedback within Dart on what could be further improved so that the team can make Dart the perfect tool for you.