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SOC 2 Compliance Template

A template in Dart to make work on obtaining SOC 2 compliance

About the SOC 2 Compliance template

Privacy and security are critical for any business dealing with customer data. As the world grows more aware of cybersecurity threats and the risk of data malfeasance, SOC 2 certifications (both type 1 and type 2) are becoming increasingly common. In fact it's often the case that an enterprise buyer will require SOC 2 certification before working with a given vendor. This template provides a working checklist for the main steps in achieving SOC 2 compliance.

SOC 2 Compliance template content

While the SOC 2 process and guidelines will ultimately differ from company to company, they all share in some common elements outlined here.

  1. Determine your objectives with SOC 2 and why you need it
  2. Determine if you need SOC 2 type 1 or type 2
  3. Assign a leader to handle SOC 2 readiness for your organization
  4. Clearly outline where customer data resides and how it is protected
  5. Conduct a risk assessment
  6. Check which SOC 2 controls you have and which you still need
  7. Implement specific controls for identified areas
  8. Run an initial readiness assessment
  9. Collect all the docs and evidence needed for the SOC 2 audit
  10. Hire a SOC 2 auditor- run a process to cross-compare
  11. Work with the SOC 2 auditor
  12. Polish all documentation on maintaining compliance
  13. Set up a continual monitoring screen to check for gaps in compliance