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Fundraising Tracker Template

Conduct a successful fundraise using this template as your investor CRM

About the fundraising tracker template

In order to raise money for any venture, whether for a startup, fund, political campaign, or some other use, it's paramount to conduct the process in a highly organized way. Keeping track of every possible source of financing, strategic angle, and development will be critical to a successful fundraising. This template provides a basic board with which to track investors and ensure that you fundraise the right way.

Fundraising tracker template content

This template is organized as a board view CRM that will push tracked investors through the following stages:

  1. Prospect
  2. Contacted
  3. Scheduled
  4. Met
  5. Due diligence
  6. Closed or Passed

The finished state will be Closed in cases of a successful commitment and funding or Passed in cases where either you or the investor pass on the opportunity. The default names are related to well-known startup investors, but it can be tooled for other needs outside of venture capital. In addition other factors such as check amount, priority, and fundraising stage are included to capture all the relevant details.