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User Research Template

Conduct user research and track individual feedback using this template

About the user research template

User research is the process of interviewing your users to discover new ways of thinking about your product. This research is essential for any company or product team to uncover critical issues or avenues of improvement. This template will function as your user research CRM offering a dashboard to track feedback and determine action items.

User research template content

This template gives a CRM organized in a board view with different stages of interview as the columns. Users move from prospect to interviewed and finally cancelled. The cards simply are named the same as the user they represent the interview with. The details of the card provide an area to record the agenda of the upcoming interview, helping to keep them on track with the right questions. This is followed up with a feedback section to make sure to collect any mentions of bugs, feature requests, or anything else as well as an action items section to list out next steps.