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At Dart, what we do is geared toward bringing the fun and joy back to work. Current task and project management tools are hard to get started and difficult to use, making things much more painful than necessary. Dart is a better way.

About Us

We are user-centric team focused on finding the right ways to meet task management needs. The founders Milad Malek and Zack Swafford met at Stanford as undergrads and have been friends ever since.

In their workplaces they toiled with existing tools, which were often overly complicated and slow to implement. It was always a challenge for them to set up task tracking processes for their teams that worked well.

So they came together to build Dart, and the rest is history!


Milad Malek

Milad worked at Plug and Play Ventures where he built out an investment team and helped launch international offices. There he saw firsthand the pain of using existing tools to organize and run projects.

Zack Swafford

Zack was the first engineer at Softbank-backed Plenty and built out the engineering org there. Jira and the other tools he used there didn't work very well, so he's bringing his background in AI from Stanford to bear to build Dart!

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